Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Girls Akward Adventure

When a girl friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to makeover thing I reluctantly agreed since I don't get out all that much and decided that I should step out of my comfort zone and just do it. Then when she told me that it was at the local Estee Lauder makeup counter inside Younkers, my heart sank. This girl loves makeup as much as cake and seeing the Packers go to the Superbowl combined but I just knew that this adventure was going to be more of a learning experience than enjoyable.

Our appointments were for the same time but I ended up waiting a good twenty minutes before I even sat down at the station. My friend was sitting across from me with her back facing me getting yelled at by the person working on her face. I affectionately refer to her as the skin care nazi. "Girl, what's going on with those facial piercings? Come on now, grow up." "OH! I KNOW YOUR WASHING YOUR FACE WRONG" Seriously, if I was sitting there I would've gotten up told the lady off and walked off.

The lady that was doing all the skin care demonstration was really nice. I think she kinda knew that I was there just for the experience and not to buy anything.But she gave a lot of free and helpful hints on taking care of the skin...because makeup will look better on good skin and prevention now will do good in the long run. I'm going to purchase a spf moisturizer of some sort.

Getting my makeup done by their makeup artist was a lot of fun..the eyeshadow shades she used were nothing really spectacular. For $20 a shade it would have to be a really really special occasion for me to actually purchase. Also learned a few blending tricks while watching the makeup artist do my friends makeup.

After all of that, this girl was ready to go. The Skin Care Nazi was still working on my friend..so I waited for her to shut up so I could say goodbye..My friend told me that she was going to buy a foundation and moisturizer cause that's all she really needed..so we parted ways. When I saw her later at the party she confessed that she ended up buying three more face products because the lady would just not give up.

The lesson is this....Don't let anyone think that your not the most kickass chick ever just because you don't get your face products at a makeup counter.


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