Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Girl Loves Avon and Mini Review

So...I wasn't supposed to be spending a lot of money on makeup lately according to my boyfriend but when he brought home the catalog it was like uh oh I have permission to order?! Woot woot!

I ordered:
  • Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation (Soft Ivory)
  • Smooth Minerals Blush (Hearty Peach)
  • Astonish Mascara Black
  • Ageless AM/PM Cleanse
  • Perfect Wear Extralasting Lip Gloss (Endless Watermelon)
I wrote the number down wrong for the Kabuki brush to go with the foundation. But to my excitement the brush comes free with the discounted Smooth Minerals Blush which I happened to love. I have never shied away from pink blush..and I love the way it looks on me so I'll have to order one more shade that will look good on me.

The Lip Gloss though is ehhh. Perfect Wear Yes.. Moisturizing yes. But the way it tastes/smells to me is a mix of Karmex and Vapor Rub. I will still wear it because it's pretty but not order again.

I'll post some pics soon. :)


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