Sunday, March 27, 2011

This Girl Thinks Kelly Osbourne Should Eat Something

Browsing around on the internet I came across a neat site. After putzing around with the makeover tool I came across a simply appalling article/poll skinny vs. curvy celebrities, curiosity killed this cat. And I'm not sure if I've lost all respect for Kelly Osbourne, worried about her well being, or hate the influence pop culture had that when she lost a little weight and looked really sexy to this.

I'm sorry but seeing bones sticking out isn't pretty or sexy. She just looks dull and sick. Almost like she's not even there.

This is the Kelly O I like to see.

Now...I know that weight is a HUGE issue that everyone has to deal with on their own terms. At my highest I was somewhere around 220..7 years later I have lost and kept off 65 lbs and think it would be awesome to reach my goal of 145 lbs, a normal weight. But after that I would probably lose all the things I love about my body..the curve of my legs, the hip to my hips, everything that makes me a woman.


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