Monday, April 11, 2011

This Girl Has Some Explaining To Do

Not sure if anyone realized the "This Girl" titles...kind of a play on one of my favorite shows "Friends". All their episode titles started with.."The One With". For a while they were my only friends.

I'm kinda sorta lazing around...I half accomplished what I wanted to do. Got my work clothes all nice and clean..and undies for the bf and I. Kind of need to clean and catch up with stuff.

So...thought I'd share that since the bf is sooo busy with the PS3.


Angie said...

The PS3 doesn't interest me that much. I have all my games for my Xbox 360 and sadly the PS3 had all the same games and nothing really new and interesting to offer. I mean, the web browser was awesome, but meh. Now WoW and the Xbox and Wii and Nintendo DSi... That is where it's at.

I used to be so addicted to Friends when my parents watched it, haven't seen it in a long time!

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