Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Girl Says It Aint Easy Being Cheesey

As "Cheeseburger" Eddie says in the Longest Yard (remake).

For a while I was thinking of starting a lame fb status copy and paste this into your status chain letter of death..but instead have decided to use my words instead.

I happen to be the drive-thru queen at your local fast food place. And let me tell you..if you have never worked in fast food it is not pleasant. Not every person that works in one is dumb as a box of rocks.

There is also this constant pressure of go go go or being so slow you actually want to do some deep cleaning of unpleasant things like the inside of the garbage cans. I take a lot of pride in what I do. I'm sure I have the mental capacity to do much greater things in life but my mental illness seemed to have gotten in my way more often than not.

I've had my share of awesome customers and even greater share of rude and obnoxious ones. And your much more likely to get better service if you take some of my fast food tips.

  • Please don't end your order with that will be all. If I do have to ask you a question (Would you like any sauce? What flavor of soda would you like? etc.) I feel like a total jerk. I am not paid very well to have to ask you if you would like that with cheese..or what size you would like.
  • If you plan on using exact change please have it ready before you get to the window. I'm not sure if every drive thru lane runs the same but there is a timer that goes off and my boss loves to have great drive thru times.
  • I love giving it to you your way, but it would be a whole lot easier to know those things as you go. I would be severely brain damaged if I actually smashed my head against my POS when orders are already made and then oh- can I have that with only ketchup and what have you. 
  • Not every place is like Mc Donald's..It's not easy being one person that is taking orders..cashing orders..and making drinks at the same time. It'd be nice to catch a break sometimes. 
  • If you would like separate orders, please come inside.  Many times have things gotten messed up or made that dreaded timer beep.
  • If you have a HUGE order come inside. Thinking about this...anything more than four meals counts. 
Sure I will think of some more things..I really should be getting ready for bed to get ready for a fabulous day of working tomorrow. It takes a lot to be that bright cheery girl. 


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