Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Girl's Review & Swatch Avon Smooth Minerals Blush

It's not a stretch to say that I LOVE Avon. And have found very few products by them that I wouldn't buy I thought I would share with you something I love and can't live without.

I ordered the Smooth Minerals Blush in Hearty Peach on a whim. I haven't really used blush that wasn't pink, so why not. Needless to say..I was totally impressed. I'm very fair skinned, not much of a fan of the tan/bronzed look but it gives me just a touch of color to liven me up a bit. Plus, I was hoping if I did my makeup all spring like winter would finally be over...15 inches of snow later it's still crappy out. But thank goodness the snow has stopped.

I was so impressed that I bought Blushing Mauve my next order because it was on sale and I had messed up the numbers on my order and didn't actually order the Kabuki face brush that I wanted oh so badly. Well gosh darnit if I'm not just IN LOVE with Blushing Mauve the swatch below doesent quite give it justice...but the pictures I tried to take didn't turn out that well.

(Above: Hearty Peach Below: Blushing Mauve Overcast skies.) 
Second Photo: Blushing Mauve. 
The Smooth Minerals blush has mineral pigments that give the blush a really soft sparkle that really makes the blush unique. Only with most mineral makeup is that if it spends time in the makeup bag there's usually waaay too much product loose inside when you unscrew the cap and takes forever to try to get it all back in there. I usually just dip my brush in there softly and swirl it around the cap a lil bit then apply. 

They are regularly priced at $10 each. They are on sale in the current catalog for $5.99. So if you don't know your local Avon representative, click here to find her! You can shop from home or online. I like getting my order every week and having the next brochure right there waiting. 


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