Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bleep! I Hate Sunday

Shit I hate. Teenagers that are nearly 18 working at Burger King that think life gets any better than this if they don't have an education or marry someone rich (Think that really does not happen these days either). Then not only am I doing my SHITTY work I'm also doing theirs.

Shit I hate. People who are well off and don't realize how good they have it and gripe about trivial things they don't have. I know it's not their fault that I don't have the finer things in life. And have worked hard for what they do have. But when people have worked hard for what they have and it's just theirs..Heck..even I don't have it that bad. I have the things I need- the internet & a cellphone and a place to live. But most of lifes necessities are out of my grasp like health insurance. A car. Well, driving scares me so it's not like I need a car. I can barely cover gas to get to work sometimes with three hour shifts.

So my point is...Appreciate what you have. . But there's a difference between flaunting it.

If this was me about three/four years ago and/or not on medication I would be thinking about offing myself no doubt. But life means more to me now and I wouldnt put my family or friends through that. So I'll be happy about the things I have and try my best to make things better. Smile and try to remember there is a sunny ending to most life stories. And stuff.


TerinAleah said...

I'm a new follower! :) Can't wait to get to know you better!

TerinAleah said...

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Destiny said...

amen fucking men hookerrr!

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