Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Girl Has An Idea

This girl's Secondlife home office.

I thought of an awesome idea and could bring awesome blogs to new readers via the awesome addictive world of Secondlife. If your a tv Tina like me you might have seen the online world, online game secondlife. I found a magazine publisher in game...that allows  you to link to things on the web. Basically it would be blog posts posted in the magazine..with links to the blog. Imagine getting your word and and your advertisers a whole new group of readers. 

The magazine publisher in game costs about L$7,400 about $30 usd. And about $60 for the AwesomeSauce Version. Version 2. 

Has anyone else tried out Secondlife? People have become millionaires by buying and selling land in game. Designing clothes...Designing bodies and makeup.


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