Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Girl's Saturday Stalk Remix

Before settling into the blogosphere I wanted to get a little Mortal Kombat Legends in. So when the Playstation Network comes back online my loverbutt and I can play together against other real people. I've gotten pretty good with my main character Sindel. 

I'm also going to start looking for another job. Burger King is just not cutting it anymore and I'm way smarter than that..Wish I could afford to go to school. a\

Anyways on to the fun stuff! :) 

I love new followers and love making new friends and finding new blogs that teach me stuff..So check out this blog hop-the link is located on the left sidebar. Or the icon below to get into the action.

Oh...and if you could be so kind as to LIKE my FB Blog Page  I would return the favor. I need 25 likes to give it a real URL. Thanks thanks thanks. :D

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Until later. 


Debbie Does Coupons .com said...

Following you from the Saturday Stalk Remix blog hop. Please follow me back at

itgirlsbeware said...

Tehe. I'm already a follower. :)

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