Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 3

That's right.No Fails today!

Day 3: My First Love: Gabe F.

He had walls full of cds, alphabetized. The first guy I ever loved. He is also a Pisces like my current boyfriend & the one before that.Oddly, he friended me on FB recently and sent me a "still beautiful" message. My birthday landed a few months after our relationship (the first time around) ended and left a cute card on my porch.

Why it didn't last with him? I lot of the things he did flat out annoyed me. And he has a really small "Little Gabe". Though...he is an absolute sweetheart and wouldn't change our relationship for the world.

Wooooot. In other words...I'm messing around with my blog template again. But hopefully everything is in order. Or will be in a few days.

I work a split shift tomorrow and have a lot of things to do *hugs* and stuff.


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