Thursday, June 9, 2011

Epic Fail's a start to getting back on track...I tidied up my email account. Think it's time to start a different email account for other stuff that I read..but wont cram my really important box. Hmmm.

If I have read or commented lately it's because my Google Reader is OUT OF CONTROL. And by the time I get started well...I get lost in it I gotta tidy it up.

A friend of mine's mom CDUB. Makes these really awesome bracelets and I got to pick one out. I have to set up a little meeting with her about selling them for her cause she has a nice inventory already and they are just beautiful. She let me have one...And I picked a teal one...Then I thought it would be really nice to donate it to a charity fund...My pal Amie and her crew of Glitter Bitches are helping a friend that was diagnosed with cancer..and the project is The Teal Ribbon project featuring handmade teal items. I need to get a Fuck Cancer bracelet...I will post all the links about the project soon.

Keep it real. And thanks for your support.



Destiny said...

I'm the same way with my email! I'd so rock one of those bracelets! Where would I get one!?

I have a new hop! go add yourself and find some rad new reads! :)

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