Monday, July 4, 2011

Cute Dresses

So, I've been in a funk as of late but I found a website with a load of cute dresses.

There's a lot of specials and great deals. Even worth the extra bit of money to send it from Canada. I thought about immigrating to Canada for a while. Though it is a lot colder than here in Wisconsin. From sundresses to strapless...

I never even really liked yellow. 

There's only a few more months left to enjoy a dress comfortably or for me, sometimes still uncomfortably. So clicky clicky and get inspired. 

I was pretty dissapointed that I failed to do anything I've wanted to. My boyfriend also made it clear that he thinks that I'm addicted to the internet so out of spite I haven't used the internet besides to watch television. All I do is work and sit at home...and sure no one really wants to read all about that.

I'm still trying de-stress after the Chicken Massacre of 2011. I may pick up from the blog challenge where I left off...and try not to let my bummer mood of the past month totally ruin my passion for writing and above all being myself.


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