Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chelsey Lately

Guest post written by my buddy Brian Workman

One show that I never end up watching is Chelsey Lately. I know that so many people enjoy her show and even most of my friends like to watch her but every time I try to watch it I just get irritated with the whole thing. First of all I think Chelsey really needs a new stylist. Or maybe she doesn’t have one at all in which case she just needs to hire one. I feel like sometimes her outfits would be cute but there is just something a little bit off about most of them. Second of all I think she has a lot of potential to really look great but I feel the same way about her hair as I do her clothing choices. Usually it is just a bit off from looking amazing. Can someone please tell her this? I do think that she is quite funny usually and I love the irreverent way that she interviews celebrities. Usually people conducting interviews are trying to be politically correct but not Chelsey! Check your local listings at to see what time Chelsey comes on in your area.


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