Saturday, March 5, 2011

This Girls Going To Enjoy A Baby Shower

This gift is for Eli Lee my best good work friends upcoming bundle of joy. *tehe* Tomorrow morning I'm going to attempt to bake cupcakes with 5 kids the age of 12 and under and all boys, ironic I know. But if my bf and I got married and his brother and his do they'd be my step nephews.

My boyfriend won the spotted green frog, I named him Gordon. I decided to get two different bottles, one newborn one and one for later on. V. Practical.

Who could go wrong with extra wipes and a 6-9mo outfit. Know they'll wear it when it's not something newborn. :)
This is my favorite of all. MAM Rock N Roll Pacifiers. Groovy design. I found the website Mam Baby But I found this one at the local wallyworld.

Tissue paper candy wrapped.

So tomorrow I'll be making Red Velvet Cupcakes With Frosting...tinting the frosting light light blue and seeing if theres any cool piping things around here somewhere.

Until then.


Sami Jo said...

You did a really good job!! You always been so creative!

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