Monday, May 30, 2011


So...I really had a boring Monday. Why fast food places are open on Memorial Day is beyond me. Plus, here in Wisconsin it was unbelievably nice out. Well, 80 degrees isn't totally awesome but I'd rather be outside now instead of November-March.

In other news my Google Reader is out of control. And I think it may be contributing *just a little* to how shitty I feel about things. Mostly, about angry not so young and poor. Not sure what personality disorder this is coming from, probably borderline personality disorder. But pretty much I believe that the Republicans want me dead.

Now...I'm not trying to say that all government programs that help the poor/working poor are all corrupted. And there are definitely people who use the government to their advantage or what the law man calls it, fraud.

But without medication I cannot work. I'd actually like to see what they all thought I had. My self esteem is actually at the highest it's ever been. With the help of a therapist I can actually stand, she is from New Zealand and even if she repeats some of her sayings, a lot. I've done 100 times better than before. And the shrink I can actually understand. The medication I get- which is super expensive- I get for free from the drug company through their "help the disadvantaged" program. But I could not afford to see those doctors.

Had been considering immigrating to Canada since the beginning of the Bush era. 

But...My loverbutt happens to have a felony, he sold weed to a cop. This was years ago. Before he and I had met. And...I can't stand winter here. Maybe I could be paid to live in Alaska? I think that's how they get people to live there.

I could do it. I think...

I'd always say I'd be a hermit on the iceberg.


itgirlsbeware said...

Oh...I forgot about Sarah Palin. Ehk.

Tonja said...

Yeah, Palin would rule me out for going back to my birth stat permanently...that's why I'm in a very small town with few people!

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