Monday, May 30, 2011

Okay...Crazy Coupon Crazies

So...I'm a broke bitch that happens to love coupons. COOOO-POOONNS! So it's late at night and I can't sleep as usual...Watching this show on TLC- Crazy Coupon. I actually wanted to watch it when I heard about it...but after a little research they are just fucking nuts....So here's an interesting story.

I worked at a thrift store chain that has this special on Monday's where everything that has a certain color tag is .99. There was this woman in her 40's that would come in a few times a week and stake out all the stuff with a certain colored tag and have that shit memorized. So when doors opened Monday mornings- which I had to do once and that by itself is a panic attack.

Anyways...She would be the first one at the door. And proceed to buy three or more cart fulls of stuff. Clothes stacked without hangers overflowing the cart. Checking her out took over a hour...if not more. If I had a dollar for every time someone would complain about her just scooping stuff up or rude comments people have made about her I wouldn't be working at Burger King. And with each freaking beep I was one step closer to snapping.

And she had the same look on her face that this smug coupon lady has. Like, I'm getting all this for free. Or I'm gonna buy all this stuff for a dollar then sell it for whatever I can.

At what point does couponing turn into stealing? I mean....sure they are putting in work to get such a good deal...But really....maybe you could start tipping your cashier. I think that would be awesome. Bet people would have a much better customer service experience if they were tipped. And customers are always right...but I'm still imagining knocking you the fuck out.

With a smile on my face. And I'm damn good at being "that" person. But everyone has their limit...and I have seen mine. It involves crying...cursing..and quitting.

Back to the thought...but what if with all the hype of coupons that retailers/manufacturers stop offering it. I'm sure I'd be upset cause of the coupons I regularly use and don't abuse. Ruin it for the people that need that extra dollar saved on hairspray for food or something. Hey...a girls gotta have her hairspray right?

Gawd I need to turn the TV off. I have to slave away with the King. And stop thinking that's for sure.


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