Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Girl Has To Catch Up's been a totally rough week. I noticed that I hadn't blogged in days and I was just starting to get into a real groove and some followers. Then this week happened.

Monday- My boyfriends car takes a giant shit...the model 98 Dodge Avenger has a faulty part that makes the wheel holder on-er thing fall off. This time it was the passenger side..the drivers side was fixed a month I'm shaking violently my cigg flies out of my hand. And everything from my neck down hurts. So loverbutt and I go to the hospital. I'm in worse shape and they don't give me anything because I am on klonopin for anxiety. But offer to shoot him up with pain meds and gives him muscle relaxers. So I was pissed and in pain.

So work is a pain in the ass...they put me in the only position that requires to bend move and lift more than any other position. And my hours have been slashed again...It sucks being a broke bitch. At least I have the internet...a computer...cable..and somewhere to live..

So basically I've spent all week sleeping or working. Not the best way to deal with things..but I'm back..And hopefully in some action.


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