Friday, May 13, 2011

This Girl Is Living In Jersey In Her Mind?

Or as Dr Dre said to Eminem "Man you must be up out your mind" Can't decide...

I must admit I watched the first season of Jersey Shore *fist pump* and continued to *fist pump* for several months. Never cared for any of the Housewives..and got over the Shore and for the most part *fist pumping* But what really gets me is the show Jerseylicious.

The whacked out Glam Fairy reminds me of one of my ex frienemies.

Anywhoo....back to my original thought.

I have had a great love for all things leopard print and smokey eye. And maybe more often I should speak my mind instead of just screaming it in my head. Though...I would never fake and bake..or a spray tan..I don't mind being really white most of the time. My Wisconsin accent isn't as cool as the jersey. Even if I throw in the awesome Midwest slang "hurr" "thurr" every once in a while.

And....the second season premiere is on if you get the Style Network it's definitely worth a lil shameless indulgence.

Speaking of which..."Ghost Adventures" will be starting soon. Annoys my Loverbutt all to hell.


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