Friday, June 3, 2011

Gahh! Neigbor Called the Police On Me

Whats up blogworld? I've been having a crappy week. But today takes the cake.

Last weekend my boyfriend got up and left the house to get cigarettes. When he got home he was in one of his nerd rages. But, this time there was a pretty good reason. There's a huge dent on the drivers side door, dented enough that it looks like it could pop off with ease. And he can't roll his window down more than half way.

We live in a little apartment complex that has a car port, the extra cars usually park parallel to the carport, next to the side of the building. From where the car was parked, and dented it was pretty obvious that a car backed out of their spot, right into his car.

The car in question would be the neighbors that are up till all hours of the morning...Doing an entire prescription of adderall in a night. The Friday night that it happened I heard them come in and start digging through stuff in their basement around 11:30pm, that Saturday morning we here from Loverbutt's sister-in-law that she heard the crunch and saw people around the neighbors spot.

So we called the police...And got the accident report put in and everything. Guess whose car wasn't parked in the parking lot or on the street since then? The neighbors. One of the days that the car was here, Loverbutt's nephew took a look at the back end of her car and it was damaged.

So today, Loverbutt's brother calls downstairs, come take a picture of the car. So I grabbed my phone and went out there. Not even one click later the neighbor hauls ass out her front door yelling at me. Calling me names, and threatening me.

My response? "What are you gonna do beat me up and put me in your trunk to hide the evidence?" Her reaction to me merely just taking pictures of her car, in my mind, only confirms that she was the one that did it.  And said that, her car hasn't been here because it was getting fixed. Yeah, so she wouldnt get in trouble for hit and run. So, I'm continuing to take pictures and she calls the freaking cops. Since when is taking pictures illegal?

She had the nerve to call the cops and tell the officer that I was touching her car. Which, I didn't. I don't need to touch it to take a picture. Then told him that I called her all these names under the book. I might've called her a dumb bitch...I don't really remember...I was so heated and kinda afraiad that she was gonna swing on me. (I've been telling myself for at least a month that I could take her, but when it came down to it. She's scary and more hoodrat than I am.) Yet, she doesent get in trouble for getting in my face and threatening me.  And my boyfriends mother and brother heard her threaten me. They came up to the patio doors when they heard her fly out and come at me.

So then I had to listen to the cops lecture about not having anything to do with her. And to keep things civil. I usually do that anyway cause she's a dumb bitch. But now, whenever I see garbage infront of her patio doors it's getting knocked over. And the kid toys that are strewn across the yard are going to be put on the curb. This is not the ghetto.  And....I'm going to start doing some Tae Bo or something cause if she hits me, I'm going to destroy the skinny bitch.

On a positive note...I did get a check from today. Still waiting for my Madd Style Cosmetics though. *sigh*


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