Sunday, June 5, 2011

Butthurt Much?

I was! Well, just a little. My Madd Style Cosmetixs order and my eyelids have been bugging me a little lately so I've been avoiding wearing makeup around my eyes, sparkly lipgloss please. But I was super stoked with the sample attached to her business card & the free lip bomb, Madd Booty. Not sure what it's supposed to taste like. I think rum...Why is all the Rum Gone?

So here are some photos I took. :D

Loved the tape. Glad to know my goodies were secure & in style.

Business Card/Sample Swamp Thing is like a seafoamy color. Really pretty blue/green

When I blogged about what colors I was getting I went off the list I wrote down. What I ordered differed. But, I'm really super stoked about the colors I picked. Trashed has to be my favorite green eyeshadow yet.

The lids are so shiny and neat. Love the logo.

I hopped on FB this afternoon and she posted the color of the week & a 20% Discount Code. And it was a color that I wanted...along with another color that I saw and loved..

SEEDLESS green duochrome vegan shadow

SEEDLESS green duochrome vegan shadow

DESERT PUNK silver colorshifting vegan shadow

DESERT PUNK silver colorshifting vegan shadow



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