Monday, June 6, 2011

Pet Peeve: Mommy Bloggers

For the record, the internet was my form of entertainment since the age of 14. I would earn time on the internet by babysitting for families that had internet- eventually buying my first used computer. Or religiously going to the library for that half hour a day. I remember my mom telling me not to tell people where I lived. She was barely even okay with me putting a picture of myself on the internet. Or even my real name.

"You don't want any old perverts whacking off to your pictures do you?

And know how many times I was hit on as a child via the internet? Too many to count. Thinking back on it makes me worry for kids that use the internet these days. Sickens me a tiny bit too.

What really pisses me off is that some Mommy's are putting their kids on the chomo's silver platter.

List Of The Things You Shouldn't Do
  • Post an obscene amount of pictures. It's like bait. Swimsuit photos? Never. There are far safer ways to share fun family photos with people you know. At the very least a Private Facebook folder so only your friends can view them. I'm pretty sure Flickr and Photobucket have private share settings. 
  • Landmarks are in photos. Then they know where you live. And what your kids look like. Then there's all the things they like
  • Using their names. 
There's so much more than just candy and puppies!

When I was about 8 I lived in the city of Milwaukee. It was really hot and I didn't feel like walking back to my house so my cousin and I decided to take the bus. A guy rolled his windows down and said, Hey your uncle told me to pick you up. Our family had the codeword system just in case there was an emergency. Besides the guy being obviously drunk and someone we did not know. Used the codeword trick and ran the half block back to our grandmothers house. Might have been different if he called us both by name.

I applaud those bloggers out there that use creative cute nicknames for their kids.

Anyway...My whole point is this. How much do you want the entire world to know about your kids? Not every person that uses the internet is who they say they are. And it's quite easy to try and be someone your not. There's probably more internet predators out there than we would care to believe. Sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry.

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