Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Bracelets

I'm trying not to be all butthurt about being left behind. My mom, sister, brother law and nice went to Wisconsin Dells. If you've never heard of Wisconsin Dells it's The Waterpark Capitol of the WORLD! And, I knew my mom won tickets cause she asked me to go the radio stations website and if she would have asked me I might have been able to go seeing I have tomorrow off and don't have to be to work till late Friday.

The icing on the cake is my day off my boyfriend is working ALL day. Last week was the same thing but my horomones were raging and he was pretty pissed off at me for being a whiny bitch all day.

So...about the bracelets. Cdub, his mom made these bracelets brought over the bag for me to take pictures and come up with ideas on how to sell them. I have no clue what kind of beads they are besides being expensive. But they are absolutely beautiful. I love bangle bracelets. There's a few black ones that I may have to set aside for myself. I still have to talk to her...When it comes to face to face stuff I go kind of dumb. They are all one of a kind. And look waaaaay expensive. Would you pay $30-35 for one? I still have no idea on time spent...I can imagine it took a bit of time.


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