Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Note

Helllllloooooo Nurse!

Well...Just a quick little run down. This past week I've been working the crappiest shifts ever..somewhere between 4pm-11pm, only they are random 4 hours shifts..Well tonight it's 6 PM-11PM so it's incredibly freaking lame. It's like my boyfriend and I are on completely different shifts and he usually gets the weekend or at least one weekend day off. I get off on Thursdays..and Fridays that I have therapy appointments..I schedule my appointments half assed backwards so I get one Friday off every once in a while.

Monday was lots of fun..I went to pick up my meds with my mom then went to Savers with my boyfriends mom. Here are some of the highlights.

 Fine China Teacup Roslyn Vintage- .99 (was in a bag with another porcelain dish and saucer and two glass trays) 
 Plus I got $2 in register rewards so I only paid $2.38 for hairdye and an awesome toothbrush
This really neat cap. Only .99

Hopefully Your Hump Day is TOTALLY AWESOMESAUCE! I have to fold some laundry, it looks like the basket threw up, get ready for work & such.



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