Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feel Like Adding Some Key Pieces

And not spending a lot of money. That's why I love . It has been a new project of mine..looking and acting my age with that flair of punk rock/rocker vibe especially with classic twists. Guess that's the Virgo in me. Plus, they help Project Runway. 

There are a lot of BCBG Summer Items that I absolutely adore. I'm thinking to myself two different key pieces to choose from- capris or a long flowy skirt.

BCBGMAXAZRIA black silk draped pocket long skirt style# 311473701Silk skirt, draped with pockets. $162 compared to $270 is a pretty good deal but still a touch out of my price range. *le sigh*
BCBGMAXAZRIA pumice silk chiffon sequin skirt style# 309483701
Chiffon skirt on sale $71 vs $170. Nice.

There were a few bcbg shoes that would really kick up any old outfit. Sometimes I think it would be worth falling on my face for a pair of these satin platform pumps. On clearance for $119, compare to $270
BCBGMAXAZRIA black satin
BCBGMAXAZRIA acron suede  Suede Platforms $175 compared to $250

I think that every wardrobe should have a few nice pieces. Always consider price per wear and how GREAT you'll feel wearing something special to you. Time to reminds loverbutt that I didn't get a present on our anniversary.



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