Sunday, June 19, 2011

SH1T I Hate Sundays!

1. Working Sundays. It's always slow. Plus, tonight is the season premiere of Drop Dead Diva.
2. Not being able to take control of my mess. Even after I take care of it, it ends up growing. And I can't ever seem to get on top of it. Everything can't be perfect so it may as well be chaos.
3. Realizing that when I changed my blog template it kinda messed up all of the right sidebar. *Sigh*
4. My boyfriend prodding me to do shit when I'm obviously trying to finish up a sentence.

As always, I'm behind schedule and should be going. *pouts*

{Edit} So, it wasn't the template...It was me accidentally deleting codes trying to get everything to line up right. PROJECT! Woot!


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