Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maybe I Should Have...

Yet another night ruined by my so called other half.

I was invited to the birthday party of the awesome Madd Style Cosmetics creator Mo. I was so excited cause I'd only met her in person once before (oddly enough if was her birthday celebration that day too). Thought Lone Ranger Amanda could use time out in the real world meeting real people and making real friendships.

Then there's my so called boyfriend, refusing to buy me a shot of Jager, when the money in his pocket was actually mine. Complaining about how he has to be at work early in the morning and how he should really be at home getting ready for bed while I, under the influence of a couple drinks and pain medicine am being more outgoing than I ever am. (Yes, I know I could be more like this without being under the influence it just happens to be a million and a half times harder)

So....I say my goodbyes..and think about how awesome a little frisky under the influence nookie would be.

We get home and he turns the fucking PS3 on. We've been home almost a hour. That's another hour I could have been there having fun and being around people, making new real life friends.

I should have just stayed there and staggered home. It couldn't have been more than a mile in between and I easily could have done it. Two drinks, I'm talking funny but my typing is just fine...Would take a lot more to get me shwasted enough to not be able to make it home.


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