Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Screw It!

According to a quiz in Self magazine I procrastinate finishing things because "If it's not perfect what's the point of doing it at all". I've made this blog promises that I didn't keep...but life has been pretty hectic lately.

Since the age of 12 I've had chronic ear infections and my ear drum has collapsed. I'm in so much pain and they can't do surgery on it until it's an emergency and there's already a cyst growing in my ear canal. Which will cost more in the long run..

I snapped at work and told my manager "Fuck you." as I stormed out. I left my purse I had to walk back in and leave again.

My boyfriend is pretty supportive, which really helps. I have to start motivating myself to do more around the house. I slack waay too much and I could really be more productive than I am.

So...I'm writing down a few ideas of real posts...and was given a blog award and need to work on that..And getting back ontop of my "Awesomesauce Blogs" cause I've been too lost in myself lately. And it's lonely here.




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