Monday, September 19, 2011

Theater Too Expensive

Theater Too Expensive

This guest post from Lewis Beck

My husband and I went to a movie last night, and we realized it has gotten entirely too expensive to go to a movie. By the time you buy two tickets, popcorn, and drinks, you have spent close to fifty dollars. I have always liked the movie theater experience. I can remember going to the dollar theater in high school and seeing current movies for one dollar. I know that dollar theaters still exist, but they are usually playing movies that are already out on DVD. After our expensive movie date last night, my husband and I decided to expand our movie package with Directtv. We plan to still have movie date nights, but we will do it in the luxury of our own home with microwave popcorn and a can of soda. This will also allow us to watch movies over and over, or to stop the movie if we don’t like it. One thing I’ve never liked about the movie theater is that if you don’t like the movie you’re watching, you continue watching it anyway because you’ve paid so much to be there. I am really excited about our new way to have movie date nights. I think it will be more relaxing and save us some money.


MadFeisty said...

i hear you! i just went to the movie last monday and i hadnt been to a movie in forever. so i decided to indulge..i got ice cream, pop corn and nachos..i ate the ice cream entirely too fast and got a stomach ache...and then i fell asleep in the theater. and wasted my nachos and popcorn. lol. it was suppose to be a date night as well..but fukk..haha it didnt turn out how i wanted it to. what movie did you guys see?

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