Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Girl Keeps Up Appearances

So it's Saturday afternoon and I'm sitting at work waiting to clock in. I have a few choices when it comes to getting to work.

  1. My boyfriend Jeff
  2. My mom
  3. My boyfriends mom
  4. The bus. 
The bus is always the last resort because of the many strange incidents I've had on the bus. 

A couple of summers ago I was wearing a halter top and shorts. I was sitting near the back of the bus and a really worn out dirty creepy guy gets on the bus, "Oh great" I thought as he sat in the row to the left of me. I tried to keep myself busy with whatever I could...but I couldn't help but feel like someone was looking at me. So I look around and there's farmer Joe with his hands in his overalls shaking vigorously. I think to myself, "No effing way!". So I try not to think of it...but he continued whacking it despite my dirty looks and appalled expression. It was the longest 15 minute bus trip ever.


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