Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Girl's Follow Me Back Tuesday

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 I'm not sure if everyone would be proud of this, but I'm officially a total suck up. My boss asked me if I would stay a half hour later and I did- even though it meant that I'd have to take the bus home. Then later asked me if I would come in at 2PM instead of 4PM cause there's going to be a bus at that time, which I agreed to. I spent this past week totally pissed off cause I didn't get enough hours to pay my half of the bills...well two and a half more hours isn't going to do a whole lot of good but hopefully it proves to my boss that I can handle more hours. When I first started back there almost a year a go I was still technically part time but I got 38 hours or more most of the time. Oh, and I got my second raise, shall I jump for joy now or later for only .15? Well, I'm pretty proud of that fifteen cents. 

I'm having a weird day...out of nowhere I had the theme song from the TV show "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" stuck in my head. I still to this day remember watching the series finale of the show with my parents and my younger sister, I cried. My attachment to TV characters is pretty severe. ER was one of my all time favorite shows, when Mekhi Phifer's character, Dr. Pratt, died I bawled my eyes out, "He was such a good guy! He was taking care of his mentally challenged cousin! *sob sob sob*" Though it was just as bad when Dr. Greene died. I'd love to own the series on dvd but it's nearly $200. 

If I was going to drop that kind of cash on a TV series it's going to be for the Charmed Complete Series Limited Deluxe Edition. Even if I've seen every episode at least a half dozen times, up into the last season. It'd be awesome to have their "Book of Shadows" 

Well....I see that I've rambled on a little bit. Hope your Tuesday is awesome!


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Stopping by from FMBT to say hello and follow.
Have a great day!

Tonja said...

Found you on FMBT, great blog!


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Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Follow Me Back Tuesday Blog Hop. Would love it if you would follow my blog: blog.writerslairbooks.com. I also have a facebook page that I really would like to gain more visibility: http://www.facebook.com/flightlessgoose. I really appreciate it. I will follow your facebook page in return. Happy blogging!

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In with some belated Tuesday love! XO

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